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Amy Medrano

Director of Operations and Communications 

UTSA graduate, Amy, has been an advocate for Cannabis for most of her career. She moved to Denver in 2015 to learn more about the industry and worked with all types of patients and consumers. During this time she learned about products and various growing operations including the processes of packaging, growing, and managing quality. She has marched in Austin for the decriminalization and legalization of Cannabis and continues to fight for the rights of those wrongly incarcerated due to the war on drugs. “I believe Cannabis is a medicine and not a crime. It’s time for Texas to allow the option to medicate with Cannabis and live without fear. It's time to educate ourselves and have conversations about better options for our health.”


Daniella Aubrey

Social Media Director

Daniella is a young cannabis activist hoping to make big changes in the world and spread education about cannabis, freedom, and other social issues affecting us today. She turned to cannabis to improve her mental health and "it has been a miracle in my life," she states. "I am now off of all pharmaceuticals and am an advocate for natural and herbal medicine and every person's right to autonomy."


Jake Marroquin

Social Media Director


Jake is a husband and a father of 3. Musician of over 15 years. He has been with the Cannabis Reform of Houston going on 2 years and looks forward to going to Austin for the next legislative session. He strives to educate himself and those around him on the current events pertaining to cannabis.


AC Morris

Operations and Communications Assistant 

AC believes passion is the best part of living. With her BA in culinary, her home is in the service industry and has been for about a decade. She has fought for employee rights her whole career including the time she was in the workers union in the airport going to the city council to make sure peoples' voices were being heard. She has been an advocate for marijuana for many years and believes it has significant medical value. Cannabis is a big part of her life for several reasons and has helped her become a level headed person. Its legality will change our nation. She states, "I hope my passions rub off on my children so they can keep fighting for what they believe in." 

Mark Ash

Legal Advisor


Mark Ash is a criminal defense lawyer who has represented people accused of crimes in Harris County since 1993.  Mark Ash continues to represent persons in the Harris County Courts.